public health

After reviewing several job advertisements in the public health field  (using the websites provided), prepare a summary of a job description  for one career within the field of public health that is new or of particular interest to you. To do this, go to theBureau of Labor Statistics (, and research information about this career in the current edition of the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Be sure to include information about the following in your summary job description discussion:

Nature of the Work — provide a brief summary statement of the nature of the work. What do these professionals do?
Education and Training — what are the educational/training requirements for this career?
Earnings — what salary can you expect to make in this career?
Related Occupations — what other public health professional might this individual regularly work with?
Which of the public health organizations  identified in your class resources thus far, might employ this type of  public health professional? How would this career fit the mission of the  organization you selected? (Clue: Look in the “About US” or “Mission”  section of the organizations website for more details.) 

RESOURCES: To do this, go to theBureau of Labor Statistics (


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