Philosophy homework help

Due:                      Tuesday, May 5 at 11:59 pm
Length:                 3-4 pages, double-spaced
Submission:       Through Canvas file upload; .docx, .doc, or .pdf only.
Topic:                    Who is God, according to Christianity?
The Purpose of the Assignment
This assignment gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned in the course.
The Assignment
(1) Review the assigned readings, your notes and course handouts, especially those related to the readings, which are related to the question you are answering.
(2) Engaging with and citing the readings, handouts, discussions, and videos of this course, write a paper in which you are in dialogue with the course material. Your paper should be written like a regular essay (no letters A,B, C, etc.) but follow this structure:
Paper Title: Who is God, according to Christianity?

  1. At first, before taking this course, my response to the question, “Who is God, according to Christianity?” would have been . . .


  1. The readings, lectures, and discussion in this section of the course suggested different answers or things I had not known or thought about before, and so the way I would answer this question now that I have done the assigned readings, read the handouts, listened to lectures, and participated in class discussions, is…

Note: In this section some reference should be made to least 2 of the readings or handouts for the section of the course related to the question you are addressing. You can agree or disagree with the authors or the professor, but be sure that you demonstrate an understanding of what they were saying.
See the They Say, I Say handout in Files on Canvas for suggestions about how to engage with the readings.

  1. The ideas I will continue to think about that are related to this question or the aspects of this question that are still a bit unsettled in my mind are… [At least one idea or question]

The Audience for the Paper
I am not asking you to write for any audience other than the professor. Even though you may assume I know the contents already, be sure that you write with a clarity that lets me know that you understand what you heard and have given it careful thought.
The Format

  • In the right hand corner, please just put your name, UCOR 2100—Catholicism in a Secular Age and the date. This should leave you more room for the actual content.
  • Your paper should be in essay form; it should have an overall introduction followed by paragraphs for each section of the course; the answer to Part C will serve as a conclusion.
  • Since you are required to use only sources from the course for this paper, you may use a simplified form of citation for direct quotations. Simply put the author or authors’ name(s) and page number in parentheses after the quotation: (Fischer and Hart, 3) or (Boyle, 35). If you are using an electronic source without a page number, put the chapter number or title after the author’s name.
  • You may use the word “I.” In fact, I encourage you to write in the first person.
  • Please note well the importance of demonstrating accurate knowledge of the course material.
  • If your paper is a personal reflection with no serious engagement with the readings, lectures, and discussions of this course, it may receive a failing grade. In other words, if your paper could have been written the first day of class or by someone who had never taken this course, it will not receive a passing grade.
  • The only sources you are to draw upon are the assigned readings and your own experience. No further research is to be done. References to books you have read for other courses is fine.

As always, the SU Academic Integrity Policy applies.
Grading Criteria
In general, papers receiving the highest grades will be well written (grammatically correct and spell-checked).  More specifically, below are the qualities of papers at each level:
A, A-: These papers exemplify excellence in form and content.  The writers of these essays use proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word choice.  They employ clear sentences and intelligently organized paragraphs to communicate their ideas. They include all required sections (A-C) and reference at least 2 readings.
Papers at this level present the most relevant points with great clarity.  Their analysis reveals depth of understanding. They demonstrate careful thought and personal insight.
B+, B, B-: Papers at this level demonstrate solid preparation. Grammatically and organizationally, these essays are essentially correct and easy to follow. They include all required sections (A-E) and reference at least 3 readings.
The difference between the B range papers and the A papers is that the latter show a greater depth of understanding and sophistication.
C+, C, C-: C essays are adequate.  They are less effective in writing style and less substantial in content.   They may be essentially accurate and basically meet the criteria of the assignment, but offer only a superficial approach to the matter. They may contain errors in understanding.
D+, D, D-: Papers at this level contain significant errors in understanding and/or evidence careless preparation.  They are not effective in writing style. They may be lacking in required content and may even be under the required length.
F: This grade is issued to papers which show serious misunderstandings and/or are poorly written.


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