nursing profession

This 4 – 6 page Role Transition Paper provides you with the opportunity to explore and analyze the life and work of a nurse leader who has impacted the
nursing profession. Provide a brief overview of the nurse leader you selected in Module 1 Week 1, including a rationale for why you selected this person.

The purpose of the Role Transition Paper is not to write a biography of this nurse leader; rather, discuss the nurse leader’s life and work by addressing
all six components below. Support your work with a minimum of 5 scholarly references.

Identify the leadership characteristics of the selected individual and why you believe these are essential leadership characteristics;

Discuss the unique contribution(s) this leader made to the nursing profession and/or nursing practice;

Identify advocacy characteristics this leader employs to meet health care needs of individuals, families, and/or aggregates.

Discuss specific barriers, obstacles, or circumstances that precipitated or influenced the leader’s decision to address the situation that led to the

Discuss the impact this leader’s contribution will have on future generations of nurses;

Discuss how this leader’s contribution, including how he or she propelled the change, impacts you from a personal and professional perspective: knowledge,
values, and beliefs.


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