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Social Media Project
Design a Social media strategy or campaign for a company. (Either choose an existing company or invent one). This is a new initiative therefore imagine you are presenting the idea to management for approval.
You should include:

  • What the company does and its market.
  • What you want to achieve with the social media campaign and why.
  • Key metrics by which you will measure the success or failure of the project.
  • Key messages to transmit (if appropriate).
  • The plan of action, the steps you will take, estimated time spans etc.
  • An indication of the resources you need to dedicate to it. This could be financial, person hours etc.
  • Tools & sites of interest (if necessary)

Realism is the key criteria regarding how I will grade the presentation. Have you thought through all aspects of the plan…? Is it credible? I am the project sponsor who will approve or deny funding. Would I back this project?


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