hazards associated with laboratories, and exposure to radioactive material and x-ray hazards.

This assignment is due on sunday , it is two part , with part one requiring a minimum of 8 pages , and part 2 a minimum of 4 pages. It is important to follow the instructions carefully and clearly respond to all the bullets points using APA format. In text citation is require and crdible sources must be use to complet the assignment . It is also very important to use the format of the root analysis located in the giving website to complet the assignment . A title page , reference page and an abstract must also be included to the 12 page total . Take note that the 12 page does not include the title , reference and an abstract paage. Proper grammer must be use to complet this assignment and all details must also be provided for all the questions . And if you dont have the right expert or an expert with knowledge on the topic just let me know and dont accept the assignment give me wrong solutions at the end .Document Preview: 

This is due on Sunday March 17, at 9am EST , and APA must be use throughout the entire paper. The similarity scores cannot be more than 15% and must include a reference page , and abstract and a title page . The entire paper must consist of 12 pages minimum of which 8 pages for part 1 and 4 pages minimum for part 2. In text citation must be use and proper grammar must be use and all points in the assignment must be address clearly.
Part 1: You have been asked to perform a root cause analysis as part of a team on a health and safety issue related to a sentinel event in the health care industry. For assistance in a root analysis, visit the following Web site:
Draft a paper of 8 pages that includes the following steps in a root cause analysis:
Include the identification and definition of a health and safety problem related to a sentinel event in the health care industry.
The common health and safety issues include blood-borne pathogens and biological hazards, potential chemical and drug exposures, waste anesthetic gas exposures, respiratory hazards, ergonomic hazards from lifting and repetitive tasks, laser hazards, hazards associated with laboratories, and exposure to radioactive material and x-ray hazards.
Injuries may be in the form of patient or employee falls, medication errors, needlesticks, skin rashes, burns, cuts, crushed fingers, pressure sores, electrocution, health care facility acquired illnesses (termed nosocomial infections in hospitals), and something being left inside the patient following surgery that was not supposed to be there.
The most common and expensive injuries are pressure sores and infections.
Research this specific health and safety issue by doing the following:
Perform a short literature review of at least 10–15 articles concerning how the issue is being addressed by members of the health care industry.
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