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Read two post below and provide feedback on the different skills your peers have acquired that would make them successful in their chosen career field
1.  Peer 1- Review a job description through a job website in your desired career field. Please provide the job title and the link to the job description.
Job Title: Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Lincoln Elementary School at Jackson-Madison County School System Jackson, TN
Identify at least five skills you have d through your general education courses that will make you successful at this job.
⦁ organization⦁ communication⦁ critical thinking ⦁ problem-solving
⦁ time management
Demonstrate with at least two examples of how your newly acquired knowledge and skills have shaped both your personal and professional development.
I gained new knowledge and skills that influenced my personal and professional development. I have excellent communication skills verbally and writing using correct grammar and sentence structure. I work well with others, open to what others have to say, plan ahead to ensure that I’m doing my part, and more (teamwork) and well organized. I must say that my critical thinking skills have improved a lot. Before making a decision, I research all sides of the argument with accurate facts to the best of my ability. The courses that I have taken all contributed to helping Peer 2- My desired career is analytics. This path is very popular among the business market as businesses require data and storytelling to make predictions. I have a background in Supply Chain, so I naturally gravitated towards a Supply Chain Analyst position. The job description lists critical components, such as ensuring accuracy, performance, communication, and inventory analyses. These are the main aspects that the employer is looking for in a candidiate.
2.  Peer 2- Identify at least five skills you have obtained through your general education courses that will make you successful at this job.
Five powers that I have gained through my general education courses are time management, research, communication, critical thinking, and data analyses. My time management skills have greatly been improved on with my time at Ashford. Having to balance my work, personal and student life has made me more time conscious. One skill greatly improved on has been my research abilities. Being able to narrow down articles or data that is relevant to what I need has been fine-tuned with every gen-ed course. My communication skills have improved dramatically as I am stepping out of my comfort zone to interact with people of different career paths and backgrounds. By doing this, I am forming connections and networking, which are vital in the business world.  My critical thinking skills have been fined tuned as well. Being able to look at information critically has always been apart of my nature. However, with this course and pervious courses, I have been able to sharpen those skills and learn new ones. Lastly, data analyses was something I had little interaction with before I started Ashford. However, with my exposure through accounting, I was definitely intrigued and the concepts resonated with me.
Demonstrate with at least two examples how your newly acquired knowledge and skills have shaped both your personal and professional development.
One example would be my time manage skills. Before my gen-ed courses at Ashford, I had poor time management. The reason was that I didn’t need to utilize time management on an everyday occurrence. However, Ashford changed that. I now had to manage school, on top on my work and personal life. With due dates and deadlines for assignments, it is crucial that these skills developed and developed fast. These new skills also reflected in my personal life, as I could apply the knowledge and skills to planning out events and tasks that I needed to do.
Another example is communication. Before Ashford and my gen-ed courses, I had moderate communication skills, although I mainly dealt with others who should similiar viewpoints and career paths as my own. The various gen-ed courses allowed me to venture beyond my social bubble and interact with people all around the US. I have met and collaborated with many different people in many diferent career paths, and had some great networking opportunities. This, again, spilled over into my personal life. I am now able to interact with people that may not share viewpoints as me.


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