Economics homework help

Review for Exam III–Chapter 8 and Chapter 9
Chapter 8

  1. Autocorrelation
  • Consequence
  • Test for autocorrelation: Durbin Watson Test
  • Solution for autocorrelation
  1. Regression with differences
  • Regression estimation
  • Checking on autocorrelation of residuals
  • Forecast
  1. Regression with seasonal data using dummy variables

Chapter 9

  1. Components of ARIMA model: AR, I, and MA
  2. Fitting ARIMA model
  • Model identification
    • Time series plot
    • Autocorrelation graph
    • Partial autocorrelation graph
  • Model estimation
  • Model checking
    • Mean Squares (MS)
    • Ljung-Box Q statistics, Chi-squared test
    • Checking residuals
  • forecast
  1. Fitting ARIMA model with seasonal data



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