cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention program.

An effect evaluation was being conducted of a cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention program. The program targeted cholesterol consumption and exercise. The evaluation question was, “Did lowering cholesterol intake and increasing exercise decrease CVD?”

Of the following statements, which is correct?


Cholesterol and exercise are the dependent variables and CVD is the independent variable.

Cholesterol and CVD are the dependent variables and exercise is the independent variable.

Exercise and CVD are the y variables and cholesterol is the x variable.

CVD is the dependent variable and cholesterol and exercise are the independent variables.

CVD, exercise, and cholesterol are all dependent variables.

Question 44

State which of the following statements is true or false



A survey instrument on tobacco consumption in youth that does not accurately measure smoking in youth is a reliability issue.

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A likert scale survey question whose only options are “agree” and “disagree” is considered a validity issue.

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Question 45

Which of the following is NOT an example of a primary data source?



Death certificate

Standardized tests

Biological samples

None of the above

Question 46

Which of the following techniques will help to improve validity of a questionnaire?


Pilot test

Limiting number of questions

Not using skip patterns

Reading comprehension no greater than a 6th grade level

All of the above

Question 47

A logic model attempts to convey visually the connection between program activities and the program’s desired outcome.



False .

Question 48

A dependent variable:


Is controlled by the evaluator

Exerts some influence

Leads to change in independent variables

can be viewed as an outcome variable

Question 49

In program evaluation, the null hypothesis states that there is a difference between O1 and O2.



False .

Question 50

Outreach workers from the CeaseFire program spent a total of 500 combined hours with program participants during the first year of program implementation. This is an example of which service utilization output?



Units of service

Service completion



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