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International Business

  • Please read the questions below.
  • Then watch the 3 videos posted down there. I hope you take the time to watch all videos, especially the TEDx Talks, the presenters are truly amazing and inspiring.
  • Our textbook with chapters 9 and 10 is an additional resource for you.
  • Feel free to add your own research! If you find interesting material, please send to me!

Here are the QUESTIONS:

  1. According to Kristofer Gilmour in video #1, why do we need to embrace culture shock? What does he recommend? Do you agree or disagree?

  1. Julien Bourrelle, in video # 2, shares many examples from his own cross-cultural experience. He also asks: “What is culture?” The questions here are: What is culture for you? Do you think you have a subculture? Have you had similar cross-cultural experiences here in the USA or in another country? (Write about Taiwan)

  1. How can knowledge management help multinational companies (MNCs) prepare a successful global management cadre?

  1. Have you ever experienced a culture shock or a subculture shock? Share your experience with us? Please be as detailed as you feel comfortable and include how you managed to overcome the state of culture shock and what worked for you.

(Write about because I’m from Taiwan, and I was experience culture shock whe I first came to US for college, the history and the difference of how people give tips, casue Asia didn’t give tips, and made up what you think it fits for how I manage overcome for the cultural shock.)

  1. After having studied the phenomenon of culture shock, do you think the current state we are in due to the COVID-19 pandemic is a comparable to a culture shock for us? Why? Or why not? Please explain your thoughts.

(Write yes, and made up from there)
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